Eco and Agro Tourism

Eco and Agro Tourism

Ecological and Agricultural Tourism recently gaining popularity among the citizens of Belarus and among foreign tourists. This type of tourism is a relatively new form of recreation emerged, providing all interested persons visiting natural areas still untouched by human impact. Originated in the Western Europe, eco-tourism rather quickly became very popular in our time, when more and more difficult to find areas untouched by man. Eco-tourism is not accidental as widespread in Belarus. Thanks to the power of «lungs of Europe», the country receives each year a large number of tourists from all over the world who want to enjoy the beauty of nature, to improve health in the Belarusian health resorts, relax body and soul. Thus, in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, eco-tourism has become the most popular form of recreation, allow tourists to rest in harmony with nature, without inflicting harm.

Our travel agency is ready to offer a memorable and enjoyable stay in all respects to Belarusian estates located in the picturesque places of our country.

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Choosing the organization of your stay in the Belarusian eco-villages, you can expect to:

  • 1. Introduction to the untouched nature of the regions of Belarus.
  • 2. Participation in the tours of «ecological trails».
  • 3. Camping, which still appears in front of tourists in its original form.
  • 4. Escort qualified guides.
  • 5. Reasonable prices and excellent quality of rest.

Благодаря огромному количеству рек и озер возможна организация рыбной ловли в соответствующие сезоны. Вам гарантирован богатый улов и прекрасное времяпровождение. Данный вид отдыха возможен для индивидуальных туристов и для организованных туристических групп.

Помимо рыбной ловли, возможна организация охоты.

Обращаясь в нашу туристическую фирму вы доверяете организацию Вашего отдыха «от А до Я»:

  • 1. Подбор оптимального варианта отдыха, учитывая пожелания туристов.
  • 2. Предоставление на выбор более 50-ти вариантов размещения в агро-эко усадьбах по всей стране.
  • 3. Организация трансфера до места проживания и мест отдыха.
  • 4. Сопровождение сотрудником нашей туристической фирмы на протяжении всего Вашего отдыха.
  • 5. Организация по выбору тематических экскурсий по Беларуси.

Due to the great number of rivers and lakes can be arranged for fishing in the respective seasons. You are guaranteed a good catch and a great pastime. This type of holiday is possible for individual travelers and for organized tourist groups.
In addition to fishing, hunting can be organized.

Turning to our travel company you trust organizing your holiday «A to Z»:

  • 1. Selection of the optimal variant of stay, taking into account the wishes of tourists.
  • 2. Providing a choice of over 50 accommodation options in the agro-eco villages across the country.
  • 3. Organization of transfer to your accommodation and recreation facilities.
  • 4. Escort Officer our travel company throughout your stay.
  • 5. Organization for choosing thematic tours to Belarus.

Organization of eco-tourism is also attractive for tourists with children. Its main advantages:

  • 1. This eco-friendly air and favorable conditions ideal acting on the growing organism, allowing it to develop properly.
  • 2. In addition, rest in Belarus with children posing them to the optimal conditions for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the whole body, because the interesting and unusual leisure will be combined with a pleasant pastime in the company of cheerful animation.
  • 3. In addition, the infrastructure and the availability of all the necessary services for an unforgettable stay at the proper level will relieve you from unnecessary worries and best protect you and your loved ones from any hassles during their stay at the recreation center.

Available planning on staying for organized tourist groups of children.