Excursions in Belarus

Excursions in Belarus

Belarus is not only the forests, rivers and lakes, but also a country with a rich cultural and historical past. In our country, a large number of ancient cities, many great ancient castles. Thanks to this, you can take an unforgettable journey to the past. Because of these conditions, our tour company can offer more than 50 diverse copyright excursions for all tastes, ages and subjects. Weekend tours to choose different routes, corporate holiday excursion programs, excursion stay for groups of children — all ready to offer our travel agency.

The main benefit of staying in Belarus includes:

Territorial accessibility

With its compact territorial location, many sightseeing sites are relatively close to each other. This allows you to quickly see the highest number of points of interest.

Natural landscapes

Throughout the tour of Belarus tourists accompany the wonderful scenery of Belarusian nature. Forests, fields, rivers, lakes — all this will be pleasing to the eye during the tourist excursions. The other important advantage of the tour of Belarus is the good condition of the roads and highways.

A large number of accommodation options

The ability to place, as in tourist class hotels and in the agro-eco houses. As there is a possibility of accommodation in rooms of different comfort.

Travel by comfortable bus accompanied by a qualified guide

Interesting routes to be followed with comments on the guide throughout the journey, will make a simple move from place to place in a fascinating, full of information route.

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Our qualified staff of the whole set of programs offered, will help you choose for each of tourists optimally suits the needs of travelers option sightseeing holiday in Belarus. Travel coaches, individual development suitable option excursions for each tour group, guides and attendants, as well as the best prices and excellent quality of services — is a guarantee of a great stay.

Also we can generate for you a guided tour on Belarus of any length to your taste, to tour on your transport.

We will be happy to organize your vacation!

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