Attractions in Belarus

Attractions in Belarus

Entertainment tourism in Belarus each year attracts more and more tourists from neighboring countries.
Throughout the year in different parts of Belarus — rural areas and small towns — are interesting festivals and events, many of which have gained international format. Among the most popular:

  •  International festival «Slavic Bazaar» (Vitebsk)
  •  Festival of Rural Tourism «Zaborski Fest» (Rosson district, Vitebsk region)
  •  International festival of traditional culture «Braslaўskіya zarnіtsy» (Braslavsky district, Vitebsk region)
  •  International Food Festival «Motalskiya prysmaki» (Ivanovo district, Brest region)
  •  Festival of Humor «Sporauskіya zharty» competition and mowers «Sporovsky hay» (Berezovsky district, Brest region)
  •  Belarusian Festival of folk humor «Avtyuki» (Kalinkovichy district, Gomel region)
  •  Republican festival «Alexandria collects friends» (Shklovsky district, Mogilev region)
  •  International music and sports festival «Big bard-fishing» (Bykhovsky district, Mogilev region)
  •  Festival of folk art and crafts «Dribinsky Torzhok» (GP Drybin, Mogilev oblast)
  •  Festival of ethnic and cultural traditions of the «Call of Polesie» (agro Lyaskovichi National Park «Pripyat»)
  •  республиканский фестиваль фольклорного искусства «Берагiня» (г.п. Октябрьский, Гомельская область)
  •  Republican Festival of Folk Art «Beraginya» (GP October, Gomel region)
  •  Forum of traditional crafts «Neglyubskie handbrake» (Vetkovskiy district, Gomel region)
  •  Celebration of folk art «August Channel invites friends» and folk festival «August Channel in the culture of the three nations» (Grodno region)
  •  Holiday «Annenski Fair» (Zelva district, Grodno region)
  •  Festival of Folk Art «Songs of Motherland» (Marina Gorka, Minsk region)
  •  Celebration of folk art «Slutsk waistband» (Minsk region).

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In addition to the environmental, health and leisure tourism, there is the possibility of organizing extreme forms of recreation:


For outdoor enthusiasts wanting to try their hand at something new and exciting, rock climbing lesson will be an original gift. Classes are held on a special climbing gym under the guidance of a professional trainer who will explain the features of the sport and how to use safety equipment.


Spend a weekend on a yacht, to feel the freshness of the wind, leaving behind all the everyday worries — what could be better? Today yacht rental is becoming increasingly popular service. The itinerary is carried out on the Minsk Sea.


Windsurfing in Belarus was relatively recent development, but even for a small time period gained enough fans. It is based on management skills of a small light board with a sail on the water surface. In the Minsk area during the warmer months windsurfing can be practiced successfully on the Minsk Sea.

Ropes Course

It is not only bright extreme exercise at different levels of complexity. It is also a great training for the team, which helps to overcome the barriers in communication, to work a variety of aspects of interpersonal interaction, learn how to coordinate and implement effective solutions in the shortest possible time.
There should be a minimum of 8-15 persons. Courses can be held in any part of Belarus at the request of the participants.

School of extreme driving

This is a great gift for persons who like to drive. During the course, you can learn to overcome the obstacles and out of extreme situations on the road. Classes include the theoretical basis and practical experience in the management of car in critical situations. Course duration — 7 days: 3 days, 3 hours of theoretical training and 4 days, 3 hours of practice.

For fans of the club entertainment, our travel agency organizes holidays in the best clubs and casinos of the country.

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